as of 9/11/01

today, a bit before 6am (pacific time) a tragedy has happened. A group of Terrorist Hijacked 4 Plaines, all of them heading to California. 2 hit the World Trade Center in New York, another hits a Pentagon and one final one falls in Pennsylvania. Today, as we begging to point finger at Terrorist Groups, I want the American Public to know this, we Live in one hell of a nation, I mean, were else can we speak our minds? or vote on decisions that would affect our minds? or heck, letting us be free for be ourselves? no were! in some countries, they can kill you if you for just stealing a loaf of bread, how crewel is that? heck, in some countries kill people for not binning the right religion! so, before any people try to point fingers at Groups or a certain race of people, we need to realize that no matter who you blame, if someone lives (Fairly) in the U.S., You're a US Citizen, heck, I'm Mexican and I'm proud to say that I'm a Mexican-American that Loves both of his lands and see this tragedy as our Generation's Pear Harbor, but we need to know what we are dealing with and to Punish the people who did it. I know I will sound like Captain America or some Character from G.I. Joe but "for our land, for mothers, for Baseball and for all-American Apple Pie". Thank you.


New look, New images,new new new! how's this for an update, a complete Tummytuck for the ol' web page eh? well hope you like what I got done! now, my 2 cents on the Adult Swim first off, this is a Block NOT FOR KIDS! I tell you that mutch, no on to the shows; Home movies was ok;The Brak show Stole the hole block! holly macral! that is a funny show! ^^; Harrvy Birdman: Attorney at law was also fun; Sealab 2021 was a somewhat werid show,but it worked; good ol' Space Ghost is still relalable as ever for a good laugh and Cowboy Bepop was the SHIT, so in breef review,I think it worth waiting up for ^^ well,till next update! ja!


Sorry for the inconvenience of Lacking Pages, but I always jump ahead of my self when it comes to Links, I dont really pay that much attention when I type so eather misspell a word or make HUGE miss calculations like in my past update when I count upload the TF commercials, so to combat this, I made sorta of an human error page to pages I still need to work on (Mainly in my HNK pages) 2nd,that Spider-man thing,gone,it's been botherning me for some time so Good bye,spidy! 3rd FIX EVERY GOD DAMN LINK I CAN!!!! and I guess it's time for me to say that I got some good news,well I do,looks like I will have another wing added to this page,a Samurai Jack page and a page about what I did at both AX and Comic-con,with,sadly,no pictures ;_; expect this to be done around this week or so.


so till next time,ja!



BIG NEWS FOR TRANSFORMERS FANS! I got some commercials from the New TF Series (Transformers: Robots in Disguise) here a link on were you can get them Teaser (20 sec.), Strap in (20 sec.), Strap in (30 Sec.) kinda cool eh? well you can catch them on on September 8th at 8:00am (I think this is pacific or something) oh, I also joined a Clique called "hero". I guess that's it for this update, see you soon!



ah! the satisfaction that you survived you're first FULL con...doesn't it feel good? well, I give a report on what went down at Comic-con and what I did (minus the photos...yet) latter this week.

now on to some bad news, it looks like school is going to in pare me to work on this page, in other words, don't expect me to be making big updates for the next couple of weeks or months for that matter


so till next update,chau! ^_~


I barely survived The AX when this thought came to mind "I STILL NEED TO GO TO COMIC-CON!!!!!!!!" (sigh) the gods of forgiveness havent spared me yet...and the Expo almost wiped me out and im still fealing the inpact of it...

well,I made a credits page so I wont get my ass sewed by any copany i've been eather dissing or making fun of...


BTW,I will make an AX page soon with TOONS OF photos


well? what do you think? good? bad? well now you can post you're opinion at my guest book witch is now open,and BTW,did you check out the lil' Trigun Sprites I have at my Main page? well you can,head over here and adopt one today. and for those of us (like me) who are just Dying to play Metal Gear Solid 2,go to this link and laugh you self silly! 


I HATE GEOCITIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it so mutch that I moved from my normal page to here at my NEW home here at Tripod.com, well I was going to have a BIG Update consisting in FINALY having a complete page at my 3D Animation from Japan page, but no thanks to Geocities, we have to wait a cople of days for me to finish that. Oh well (sigh)


my 3D Animation from Japan Page is up and yes, im Stalling BIG time on BOTH my HnK and P:P pages, but I insure you all that im working on thouse 2 pages as we speak!

BTW, have you payed you're dues yet? well, Image has anounced a New G.I. Joe comic book for september, here's a pic of the new comic book w/ a link to the official Site of the comic book @ Devilsdue.net

Image provited by Comicon.com


Greetings all! well the page looks better then it looked a couple of months ago huh? well it's growing by the days and I still got more stuff on my hard drive and today i'm staring on a banner for my Project:Pegasus petition, anyhoo, I've changed my mind on my costume for AX and Comic-Con, so now on, im going to be dressed up as Kenshiro, the Hokuto no Ken! oh, BTW, My guestbook will be up at Next update to make a fancy Banner for thouse too ^_^

So untill then, Ja ne!


im back, tomorrow is my last day of my finals so wish me luck ^^ well anyways, Im finally going to put up a Hokuto no Ken page and Hopefully latter tonight a Saint Seiya page.


well, it's been some time since i've done a serious Update to this ol' page, but none the less it was worth the wait for 1 link and this update page huh? well as of late i've been working on my Project: Pegasus page and i've been working on a new Metal Gear page for this page.


But the 100,000,000$$ (yes, that is a Trigun Joke right there) question is, when is Ramses going to make a serious update to the page? Answer sometime This week, I will have a bunch of time once my 11th grade finals are done.


BTW, for those people who been seen the evolution of this page ever since it's beginnings, im now using Microsoft FrontPage to build my web page.


Guess that's all for this update, see you all in a couple of days when I make my serious update.


Ramses Rivera


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